Special 2021 Enrollment Period Due To Covid-19

02-01-2021 08:56 AM Comment(s) By David

How The President's Executive Order Impacts Insurance

On January 28th, President Biden signed an Executive Order regarding the Affordable Care Act. Part of this order was to direct the Secretary of HHS to enact a special enrollment period for the uninsured and the under-insured.

The same day, HHS and CMS enacted that a special enrollment period will be available for all marketplace eligible individuals from February 15th through May 15th.

This means, essentially, that we have another open enrollment for health insurance.

If you missed out on the open enrollment period in November and December of 2020, or if you do not like the plan you chose, you may make changes or enroll on your plan as directed by CMS.

Coverage for your new plan will start the first day of the month after your enrollment.

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