Open Enrollment For 2018

There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty with what is happening in Washington with the Affordable Care Act and Health Reform. Everyone needs to understand that so far, nothing has changed.

So what does that mean for everyday Americans?

Open Enrollment starts on November 1st and will run through December 15th (some specific state exchanges have extended their deadlines). In the past, consumers have had three to six months, this year is only 45 days. That means there is less time for you to talk with an experienced professional to find out what your options are and what the best fit is for your budget and needs.

The frustrating part of the Affordable Care Act is that it is truly difficult to find plans that are affordable in many cases. Affordable plans are out there, but it often takes an Agent to find those plans for you and explain how they work. Often, it means bundling several plan pieces together to form a comprehensive plan at an actual affordable rate.

Yes, affordable healthcare is actually possible. Please click the following link to book a consultation during open enrollment. Remember, it is only 45 days this year so these time slots will book quickly! If you are currently without insurance and need something before 2018 go ahead and get a free quote today!

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