Why should I use an agent to shop for insurance?

Why should I use an agent to shop for insurance? 1In the age of the internet anyone can go and buy an insurance plan without speaking to an agent or a broker but is this really a good idea?

Insurance is complicated and without proper training it is virtually impossible to understand all of the policies and how they work. An agent helps you understand exactly what you are getting with a policy and how it works as well as any exclusions.

With the uncertainty of the Affordable Care Act and what Congress is or is not going to do, it is more important than ever to not try and do this by yourself.

All agents are not the same. Some agents only work for one carrier and will only give you options with that carrier. That means there might be other options out there that would be better but you will never hear about those from these types of agents. These are also called “captive” agents.

Other agents are actually brokers. They work for you. You do not pay them and they can shop around for a plan from many different carriers and can build a custom plan for you that fits your budget and healthcare needs. This is the type of agent that you want to go with when shopping for insurance.

The bottom line is don’t try to do this alone. Know what you are getting with the help of a licensed agent. To get free quotes from a broker fill out this brief form today.