Individual Mandate Repeal: How It Impacts You

It is true that the recently signed into law tax bill does remove the individual mandate from the Affordable Care Act. However, this repeal of the mandate does not go into effect until 2019. This means that you must still have minimum essential coverage for 2018 or face the possibility of a tax penalty.

So what exactly does this mean?

For 2018 you must have minimum essential coverage in order to avoid the tax penalty. There are still ways to do this and you can get a quote by contacting our team.

In 2019, options will change drastically. You will be able to obtain insurance of any type without the fear of facing a tax penalty or can even opt to go with no coverage at all.

If you have questions about this, want to know your options, or have general questions about healthcare, feel free to contact my team today.



H.R.1 ? 115th Congress (2017-2018)