What is a Medicare Supplement?

Aging into Medicare can be a very confusing time. There are many options (and many letters in your mailbox) that it can be overwhelming to sift through what is best for your healthcare needs.

Original Medicare parts A and B (if elected) are generally enrolled for you upon turning 65 except in certain circumstances. But parts A and B do not cover everything.

There are several options for getting additional coverage with Medicare and to keep your costs down if you have to use your insurance. One of those options is called a Medicare Supplement or a “Medigap” policy.

Medicare Supplements help to pay the costs that original Medicare do not cover. An example: Plan G covers everything at 100% except for the Medicare Part B annual deductible which is less than $200 for 2018.

You can enroll in a Medicare Supplement at any time. However, only your first six months after enrolling in Parts A and B are considered Open Enrollment which guarantees your eligibility for coverage in a plan. Outside of this, you will be subject to underwriting in order to be eligible for coverage.

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For more information on Medicare, go to the Medicare Website