Medicare for All?

What is it?

Over the last few weeks and months, you have heard politicians touting a plan called “Medicare for All.” There is a lot of confusion about what this is so we want to make you aware of some of the important details about this plan, and some misinformation that is being touted about the plan.

Here are some?promises that the plan makes.

  • Coverage for all medical services, including hearing, vision, and dental, that is not considered elective but is medically necessary.
  • Coverage for Prescription Drugs
  • Substance Abuse Treatments
  • Mental Health Services
  • No copays, deductibles, or coinsurance or any other cost-sharing expenses.

These, of course, all sound great until you start exploring further the details of how this plan actually works. Here are some of the highlights of the problems with this plan.

Medicare For All Problems

The first problem is the providers. Medicare for All only works with participating providers and no provider is required to participate. So what does this mean? This means you will not be able to keep your doctor in some cases just like with the Affordable Care Act. Many providers have decided to not take insurance under the Affordable Care Act and it can only be assumed that more will drop out under the restrictions of Medicare for All.

The next problem is that Medicare for All takes away all current private health plans no matter if you like the plan or not. You are forced to go on the government healthcare system. Unless this changes it takes all choice out of your healthcare options. You go where the government says you can go and you can only see the doctors that the government says you can see.

Why might this be a problem? As stated earlier, we already know when the Affordable Care Act was passed that thousands of families were no longer able to keep their doctors. Doctors and Hospitals did not want to participate in the plans so they pulled out.

Another reality is that the United States does not have the money to pay for Medicare for All. The backers of the plan have no real answers for how we are supposed to pay for Medicare for All. However, Bernie Sanders, did admit that the reality is that taxes would go up.

Medicare for All is estimated to cost up to $36 Trillion over the next ten years if implemented. That is $3.6 Trillion each year. ?According to the New York Times, we currently pay about $1.46 Billion each year between Medicare and Medicaid.

To put this in perspective, current projected FY2019 budget as of May 2, 2019 is $4.4 Trillion Dollars. Medicare for All would almost double that. The United States only expects an estimated revenue of $3.5 Trillion dollars. That is $0.1 Trillion less than Medicare for All is estimated to cost in a single year.


Medicare for All sounds good when you hear it. But as we know, if it sounds too good to be true…. That is true of Medicare for All. It promises healthcare for everyone, for free. But that simply is not true. Doctors will likely pull out of the system just as the did under the ACA and the National Budget will almost double just to cover the costs.

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