Appeals Court Requests Briefs for ACA

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has requested briefs from lawyers and parties in the upcoming appeal regarding the Affordable Care Act. The panel of judges has also been named. However, there is growing anxiety among supporters of Obamacare after the court has questioned whether Democrat-led states have any legal interest in the case.

According to Roll Call, the court has questioned whether states and the House have any real interest in the case and whether or not they should be allowed to intervene. This could deal a devastating blow to President Obama’s signature legislation. If the court rules that there is no interest, the overturning of the law stands.

The Affordable Care Act has been in the sights of Republicans ever since it was passed in 2010. But, despite much talk, they were not able to repeal the ACA when they took the Senate, House, and the Presidency in 2016. Instead, the repealed the individual mandate. This meant that there was no longer a penalty for not having health insurance. But this had implications they did not expect.

In December 2018, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the entire law was now unconstitutional. Lawsuits were immediately filed to challenge the ruling. That appeal hearing is set for July 9, 2019.

We do not yet know how the appeal will impact the current healthcare structure if it is lost. Currently, people are not impacted by the December ruling. However, if the law is struck down in the appeals court, there is uncertainty as to what will happen.

For now, the political world, as well as the health world, continues to wait and see what will happen next week. We will continue to post updated information as it comes. For the latest information, visit our ACA Ruling page. If you need current assistance, feel free to request a quote.