Healthiest You Provides Doctor Access 24×7

NPR reports that rural communities, who are losing access to doctors, are turning to tele-health solutions as an alternative. However, these can be expensive without something to cover them like Healthiest You.

What Is Telehealth?

The first question we must answer is, what is telehealth? Telehealth is a way to have access to a doctor remotely. You use an app on a smartphone, or a phone number to call, or even a video call on a computer, to connect with a licensed physician. Once connected, you can get a diagnosis for most day-to-day issues that people have. Once diagnosed, you can even have a prescription from the remote doctor. No waiting rooms, no travel time. They can also help cut down on surprise medical bills.

The problem with a lot of options is that they are sometimes expensive. Some insurance plans include telehealth as part of their service but charge a $50 access fee for the call. Some people would just rather go to a physical doctor instead of paying $50 for a phone/video call.

High-speed internet access can be another issue for rural communities. Despite the government’s best efforts, many people still do not have access to high-speed internet. This can severely limit the telehealth options available.

Healthiest You

Healthiest You provides a good option for people who want affordable access to telehealth services without requiring high-speed internet. The service allows for phone calls as well as video calls. It can be triggered from an app or a simple phone call.

The great thing about the service is there are no fees for the call outside of a monthly membership. Those memberships cost less than $1 a day to cover an entire family. Healthiest you is not an insurance plan but a supplementary product to an insurance plan.

Program Highlights

  • 24×7 doctor access
  • Convenience of no location limitations
  • Inexpensive (less than $1/day)
  • Prescription Drug Discounts
  • And More!

To begin your Healthiest You membership go to our enrollment site. If you want to discuss your options, or would like a quote on an insurance plan, feel free to request a quote or schedule a call.