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Measles on the Rise

The New York Times reported yesterday that there were 41 new cases of the Measles last week in the United States. That means that this year the outbreak has stretched to 981 cases. According to the Times, that means this is the worst outbreak since 1992. The outbreak has now spread to 26 states across the country. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), measles had been declared to be eliminated in the United

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Medicare for All?

What is it? Over the last few weeks and months, you have heard politicians touting a plan called “Medicare for All.” There is a lot of confusion about what this is so we want to make you aware of some of the important details about this plan, and some misinformation that is being touted about the plan. Here are some?promises that the plan makes. Coverage for all medical services, including hearing, vision, and dental, that

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Obamacare Court Date July 9th

The New York Times is reporting that the challenge to the ruling condemning the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will have a court date of July 9th. In December 2018, Judge Reed O’Connor ruled that after the appeal of the individual mandate the entire ACA was unconstitutional. Several states have appealed. Not much news has happened since the late 2018 ruling. This is the first big step that has taken place since the law was struck

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